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Party Information Sheet

So you've enjoyed your rides on the trains and are thinking that it would be great to hold a birthday party with us. Here is some information to help you with your

decision and hopefully answer all of your questions! If it doesn't, please either ask us personally or contact us our details are below.



We have three areas available for your party. See the sketch attached. Picnic Shelter: This is our most popular area. Fully covered and concreted, and easily accesible, including by wheelchairs. Several park-bench style seats, but no tables. You are most welcome to bring your own! 5 Inch Station: Popular with parents of younger children, this area is fully-fenced (note: temporary fencing is installed in one section as needed each day). However, access to this area is across the tracks, so parental supervision is required in this regard. A simple Red/Green light is controlled by the Signalman, providing an indication of a safe time to cross. The busier we are, the longer you might have to wait! Covered and concreted, with a small grassed area as well. Beside Canteen: The name says it all! Open air, and on the grass. This is normally the last area to fill, but the opportunities are endless. Best in drier weather! Please note the whole park including the picnic areas are alcohol free zones.



We have two times available. 9:30am 'till 12:30pm, and 1:30pm 'till 3:30pm. These times aren't set in stone, but we've found that they work well. The first train starts at 10am, so the 9:30 start allows you to set up for your party. Tell your guests to arrive at 10. Most parties are winding down after a couple of hours, so to enable another party to use the area in the afternoon, we ask that you aim to be finished by about 12:30 or so. If your kids are a bit older, why not book a party in the afternoon? Setup from about 1pm, depending on when the previous party (if applicable) is finished. We have found that we are generally quieter in the afternoon, so the Afternoon parties generally have less of a wait, if any, to ride the trains.


Riding the trains

The whole point of the party! Please note that proper shoes are required to ride on our trains. No Thongs or Sandals! Please remember to include this on the invitations. Kids will be kids, so for the safety of the children in your party, we ask that at least one Adult from the party rides on each train with any children under six. Preferably one Adult per carriage. It is important for all passengers to disembark the trains off the station side of the carriages. Trains run through the station on the mainline, and they can't stop in a hurry! Please watch your children. This is especially important for those holding parties in the 5 Inch Station. Climb off the train on the Left-hand side, and wait until it is clear to cross the tracks.



Well, that's the safety side of things taken care of. So now you are probably wondering what all this is going to cost you! Parties are $6 per child, with a minimum of ten children (or $60). The children get a stamp on the back of their hand, and this allows them to ride the trains as many times as they like during your visit. All the parents in the party ride the trains for free! As far as catering goes, it is BYO. We sometimes have a Canteen set up, which sells Sausages in Bread and cold drinks etc. We cannot guarantee that the canteen will be set up, as the Ladies sometimes have other commitments! When the canteen is un-available, our BBQ is available for you to use for $10. Please check

with us first. You are most welcome to bring along your own BBQ, Tables and chairs and anything else you can think of. We do have a couple of plastic tables that are used

in the canteen, which can be borrowed on the days when the Canteen isn't running.



So now you know about us, you'll want to book a party! There are several ways The easiest is to call Robert and Lorelle on (07) 3393 3176. They can also be contacted via email at If you get no answer, feel free to contact Gordon on 0427 893 404, or via email at . He can check availability with Robert and Lorelle and get back to you. You can also find us on Facebook. Search for "Brisbane Bayside Steam Railway". Otherwise, just come along on one of our Running Days and speak to one of our members in the Ticket Box. They can normally take bookings on the spot, if we aren't too busy selling tickets!


When you get here

When you arrive for your Party, please come and find one of our members before setting up! This is to make sure that your party is set up in the correct area, and that you know what to do when your guests are ready to ride the trains.



If you've read this far, thanks! Please feel free to contact us with any queries, or suggestions. We hope to see you down at the Brisbane Bayside Steam Railway soon!





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